Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Stumbling Into The Rabbit Hole

   Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg  attempted to assassinate Hitler on March 13, 1943. The plot was foiled and the conspirators put on trial.  The trials were a sham by the totalitarian state and used for propaganda.  Roland Freisler, President of the 'People's' Court presided.  There is a film of the trials where one of the defendants who had served in Poland stated "I thought about the many murders" and Freisler screams at him "MURDERS!"

This clip shows the exchange:

Freisler's Nazi Kangaroo Conspiracy Trials

   Freisler is a National Socialist zealot.  He didn't just drink the tea, he helped make it. A common question that arises in discussions concerns how an educated and advanced people like the Germans could have been lured into handing over their freedoms to a banal and murderous regime.  But it could NEVER happen here!  Right.

  Folks, look out, we're stumbling into the rabbit hole.

   What did  D'Souza do that caused Judge Freisler Berman to order psychological counseling? He made some improper campaign contribution. You know, like the ones you always read about the Clintons receiving.

   What D'Souza REALLY did is he went up against the Obama/Democrat(ic?) regime by writing books and making movies critical of the state and its beloved leader.  I would urge anyone who values an honest evaluation of what's going on to watch "America" and ask yourself what is the real threat to liberty?

D'Souza's "America" DVD on Netflix.