Saturday, November 27, 2010

Glad His Rights Were Violated.

Very disturbing. This guy didn't care if he killed children and destroyed families. There comes a point we need to get off this idea that 'we are better than that' and come to an understanding that those among us who wish to deny others of their rights have forfeited theirs willfully. Watch this guy get off because of entrapment by some idiot liberal judge.

After reading the comments from the article and some of the potential victims actually defending this poor wayward young man I am reminded of one of my observations about the anti-survival impulses brought on by an affliction of liberalism:

An IOpian view on Survival:
Any being or entity too stupid to recognize a threat to its existence or having recognized the threat inhibits action to remove that threat deserves its impending fate.

Update: As chance would have it, Gateway Pundit has a post today showing this behavior in action. Luckily someone stepped in and protected Portland liberals from their own diminished thinking.

I'll throw this one in for good measure:

An IOpian view on the Left's Cognitive Dissonance:
In general terms it takes about two years for the Left to realize what the Right notices immediately.

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