Monday, July 19, 2010

Lame Ducks

Time.Com :  Dems Start to Panic as Reality of Midterm Woes Sets In

Read more:,8599,2004646,00.html#ixzz0u8Md3yLP

They are a little slow I think.  Anybody watching the news last summer should have gotten the clue that there is discontent among the voters and their elected officials.   The wrath at town hall meeting was largely against Democrats though several Republicans attempt to snuggle up to a TPM  event and were rudely booed off the stage.

So what will Democrats do now that a whiff of reality has blown their way?   My guess is that they will double down on stupid and attempt to pass as much of their agenda as possible in the time they have left not realizing that 'getting things done' may play well to their ardent fans but is actually the reason they are in this situation;  a stimulus that hasn't worked, promises of jobs that haven't been fulfilled and ineffective policies and a behemoth health care overhaul that will run through an already injured economy like a stampede of bulls.

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