Wednesday, July 07, 2010

How Offensive Is The Cordoba Mosque ?

What this is to  America,

building the Cordoba Mosque anywhere near the Ground Zero is to muslims..

Screw Islam and all its Liars.
  We don't owe these pricks anything.

They aren't the only ones who can be offended.  
This is offensive and should be stopped one way or another.

Screw the Leftist apologist thinking I don't understand.
I've read the Koran. It is a lie. Only an idiot would believe in it.


samaa alsaleh said...

if the Qura`an (koran) is a lie !! then what about the bible hmmm ! interesting ;)

IOpian said...

Mohammed had to steal from the Bible to give his fable historical legitimacy. Unfortunately he did not know the Bible well enough because once Jesus had accomplished his mission there was no need of anyone else. His parables tell us this. He tells us this.

Jesus warns of false prophets that will come, like Mohammed.

Why do you think that despite the fact that Mohammed commands you to read the Israeli 'Book' for its wisdom that your religious leaders will not allow you to. Because they do not want you to realize the truth and have the lie exposed or else they are out of a job and the prestige that comes with their position.

nanc said...

Wherever there is a mosque, it is considered "conquered" territory...we don't owe them a thing. We are merely being punished by their presence for turning our backs on The Almighty.