Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Socialism Is As Socialist Do

While on a mission to free myself of 'stuff' I came across some of my mother's college text books from around 1965-1967. We moved to Norway in 1972.  Today while thumbing through her Sociology textbook I was reminded of our surprise when the household belongings arrived. The encyclopedias and books had been heavily edited. Below is an example of the Norwegian method of editing:

The two or three sentences missing are a section concerning the sociological cause of the American Civil War. My brother has the encyclopedias where pages were actually cut out or covered with a stick on patch.

This is what even the most innocuous European democratic socialists do.  Why do they fear  information and free thinking?  Do you think they would dare do this to a Koran ?  Nope too cowardly in the face of those who will fight back with the threat of violence.   There is a lesson here.

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