Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Cute Kitty

OK, everybody is putting this video up so why not. It is just too cute. This is about the size mine were when they adopted me. Here eleven years later they still like to play like this and love the belly rub-wrestling match.


nanc said...

That IS the cutest thing! So tiny - Clawedy is still kittenlike, but on HIS terms...>^..^< raerft!

If you're truly a cat person, you'd love cube's "cat blog friday" - on my sidebar - check her out sometime.

IOpian said...

I never wanted pets but when you walk out on the patio and there's a little kitten that size sick and freezing in January with the courage to come up to you and plea... what can you do? Then you notice four other little eyes peering around the corner, just as cold and hungry but too afraid to approach. Well you get them too.

I often think what their fate might have been and I just feel good that I have been able to give them a life free from a harsh world where they know no sickness, hunger or threat then there is balance in the small part of my universe.

It is touching when you have them on your lap and they reach out with their paw as if holding your hand. Yep I am a cat person. If I was younger I'd love to have a kitten but right now my biggest concern in life is what would happen to my cats if something happened to me. I'm one of those people that would will my house to someone if they will make sure my cats get to live out their lives on the property that has become their territory. I have one big shrub that looks awful because I never trim it. That's their summer spot. That's where they will be laid to rest.

But then before I sound like too much of a softy... I would cause extreme pain to any human being that harms them.

nanc said...

We could make a deal...if I go first, you take Clawed and Mewna and if you go first, I take your three? If I pass then nancson would take them and they'd all be ruined and spoiled beyond human comprehension.

IOpian said...

Mine are already there. Have another hurt one, Possum. She came limping in last night and collapsed on the floor. Her right rear leg appears to be hurt. She just lay there growling if I got near her. I didn't see any wounds but she can't extend her leg. She got up on my bed and has stayed there. Luckily she is not in too much pain and let me feel her leg. I think she just sprained it. She seems fine and not in pain. I noticed her moving her lower paw. Felt her pads and they are warm so she is getting circulation. Called the vet and talked with the lady. I'll give her until Friday. Then they told me to put her in a pillow case and brings her in. She. Is. Not. Going. To. Like. That. She's a climber and jumper and I have a feeling she pulled a muscle or threw her hip out. Because she is so verbal she may be getting arthritis. Guess I'm about to find out where the term 'letting the cat out of the bag' came from! I laid some food beside her and at least she is eating.

nanc said...

Did you see my post on Clawedy going to the vet for his "snippity-doo-dah"?

I hope Possum is okay.

IOpian said...

That sparks a few neurons but that's been a while back.

She is sitting upright. Actually hobbled into the office but fell so I picked her up and put her up there. Doesn't seem to be in as much pain. I was sitting here last night and suddenly was stung in the nostrils. I knew it was her so I looked and she dropped a good couple of treasures and took a good draining. I was really glad to see it is not an internal problem. But she is eating, actually getting back to normal. Putting a little pressure on her hind leg which is another good sign.

Believe I can spare her the cat-in-the-sack trauma.

I put the heating pad on the bed, on low, and she figured out to put her leg on it. I think that really helped. I figure it'll take a week or so before she is scurrying through the pet door doing her grand entrance.