Monday, May 26, 2008

Phoenix Mars Mission

I sat in amazement as the Phoenix probe landed on Mars. Now th1t photos are coming back to us there is something interesting in them. In particular this photo:

I'm going with it being the heatshield landing in its edge.
Second option: a frozen fountain of pressurized water ?

Check out the NASA Phoenix main page.


nanc said...

there's this nutcase at the retort who doesn't believe we've ever been to the moon, but thinks somebody's been sneaking structures onto mars...he'll have a field day with this one!


IOpian said...

There is a rash of denial of the obvious infecting the world. Recently at LGF these was a post about a diarist at Kos who wrote a post about a false flag setup on Obama if he went to Iraq. The Bushitlerites would get black water to take a shot at him and blame it on Iran in order to rally the people to support an attack on Iran.

Now this comes from the very same type of person that ridicules someone like me who thinks it quite plausible to believe that 911 was a false flag operation with support from Iraqi intelligence.

So in the same way these people believe some long-shot theory, like we can get to Mars, a year's travel away, to place objects while at the same time denying we ever went to an object only a few days distance.

Their Occam's Razor is rather dull.

nanc said...

single-edged to boot!