Thursday, May 22, 2008

Obama is no JFK


Phelonius said...

Hello, I am Senator Obama, and I am asking you to give me your vote in the up-coming election for the "Office of the Presidency of the United States."

Many people have asked me, "Me, why have I thought of running for the Presidency?"

The reason is simple. Change. It does not matter what change does it? I mean, I change my underwear every other week. I change channels when my domineering wife finally goes to sleep, the bitch.

Change is the point isn't it? For years now there have been other crime infested cities with influence on the Presidency, have there not? Now I want to change all of that back to the crime infested city of Chicago, and the syndicate that has elevated me and that angry wife of mine to power over the last few years. Changing my wife has turned out to be an option that could cost me my life. I ain't gonna do that right now. She is quite angry enough without me pissing her off even more.

Enough of that. Let me talk about McCain. He

Things are dangerous.

Things are, well...things.

Things are the type of things that make us do things. We do things in response to things. Things are Republican, aren't they? I always thought so. At any rate, I do not believe the things that my preacher have said. I am a Democrat, and so religion is just another thing that no one should pay attention to.

I am Senator Obama and I have no fucking idea why you should vote for me, but it sounds pretty sweet doesn't it? Vote for me no matter what!!

IOpian said...

Now that's a message based on Hope.
I'm just wondering when he'll get a clue he isn't running against Bush.