Friday, December 14, 2007

Ice Storm 2007

Outside my office.

This limb does not normally touch the ground.

Up the street:

Around the corner.


nanc said...

we had a little bit of snow and rain today - it later turned to ice and below twenty degrees - we won't be going anywhere tomorrow unless it heats up to over thirty degrees.

actually, it's our kidz CHRISTmas concert at two p.m. tomorrow and it's only a few miles away and i baked about eight dozen cookies for the reception, so we'll probably have to fire up the suburban for that.


IOpian said...

I have everything up and running execept my cable and haven't watched TV since last Sunday. The bummer is that I have to tap into my work DSL and it isn't as fast as my Cable Broadband plus I have two network cables strung from my office into what normally would be a dining room but it is my 'play' room where my music studio is... and the cats are eyeing a couple of potential chew toys.

nanc said...

my cat - clawed mewnet - stole a ball from zgirl's room and is now playing soccer about my feet and all over the dining room! oh, and he's plotting my demise...i just know it.

if you want a good laugh, go read this post!