Sunday, August 26, 2007

Obama: Net Gain of Zero

Ref: This article

Obama +1: Yes this mantra of Hillary blaming the Republican attack machine is getting old and is a little juvenile. Every single time some truth about what a typical sleazy politician she is comes out then it is the Republican's fault when they are merely pointing out an obvious fact. In the case where it is not necessarily a Republican, per se, then she broadens it to be the Right-Wing attack machine.

A politician that would get my attention is one that comes out and says something like "I am running for the Presidency and not against candidate A, B, or C".

Obama -1: We all know damn well that Michelle was referring to Hillary Clinton's toleration of Bill's propensity to think with the wrong head. Lying and spinning only makes them look like lawyers.

And a note to all of them: George Bush cannot run again so quit running against him.

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