Friday, August 24, 2007

General Musings on the Future

I generally keep up with embedded bloggers like Michael Yon, Bill Roggio and Iraqis the brothers at Iraq The Model. In the past they have told the bad right along with the good concerning Iraq. I simply am tired of having to filter the DNC talking points out of the traditional new sources. So I come away getting the picture that even Rumsfeld had it right that it would be a long hard slog. Now it is starting to bear positive results but will still be difficult to consolidate our gains.

The situation has come a long way this year. The war was declared unwinnbale, a failure and, by those great and deep thinkers in the Senate, lost. They pronounced the surge would do no good and failing even before all of the components were in place. Now those people are once again being proven wrong. They were wrong before the invasion, wrong during the occupation and wrong about the current status.

This got me to thinking about how much things can change in a year. With the election more than a year away I think the Democrats have talked themselves into a very problematic situation. With it looking far more likely that a strengthening Iraq supported by an international coalition will prevail over time the democrats will have a hard time back-tracking out of their positions. Allow me to substitute the word 'the war' into the future with the word 'Victory'. So here is the situation the Democrat contenders and pundits could face:

Obama: I was against Victory before I was for it.

Hillary: I was for Victory before I was against it before I was for it.

Edwards: I was for Victory all along. The spirit of John Kennedy came upon me and showed me that he would want us to bear any burden and oppose any foe in the defense of liberty.

Kucinich: I was against Victory and I'm still against it.

John Kerry: You know, I was in Vietnam. Well.. it's the only word I know with a 'V' in it.

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