Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Third Option

If you ask most people what the odds are of flipping a coin and it landing on either heads or tails they'd say it was 50-50. However, twice in my life I have flipped a coin and it has landed on its edge. Neither heads nor tails. So the common notions are not always accurate. I sort of get that same sense watching political pundits on television.

The Democrats are moving towards this idea of 'Had enough?' or 'We need to change direction in this country' with the common notion that they are the only viable alternative to the Republicans. They are right, as an independent I have had enough. I'm sick and tired of both parties juvenile antics. I do find the Democrats to be more juvenile and absurd in their thought processes such as when a pundit on the left is backed into a corner a typical response is 'well the Republicans did it 10 years ago'. The Republicans do it too but not with such predictability and are never going to be able to point an honest finger at the Democrats about spending.

Neither is doing anything about the subtle invasion of illegal immigrants. If you want to see what that threat is about check this out over at Right Wing Howler. And if the Democrats become a majority in the House do you think they will address this? No their first priority is to piss our money away with one investigation after another playing political gotcha against Bush.

Well I am fed up with it and the logical mistake the democrats are making is believing that they are the only alternative. They are not. I think this election cycle is ripe for the independent movement. In fact, I think that if the Democrats do gain a majority their pathetic antics will cause the electorate to move even further away from organized political parties and want real change. Should someone such as Colin Powell run as an independent in 2008 the Democrats and Republicans candidtates will get buried.

The danger is that if the independent candidate is weak it creates the only way Sen Clinton can get elected, much in the same manner as her husband's first term. Had Perot not split the electorate in 1992 Bush would have won overwhelmingly.

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