Monday, October 02, 2006

Fit to Lead ? Part II

Very long, very tedious but very interesting. I have to admit I didn't 'watch' it all but I listened to it all and did wtch about 4/5 of it. The first time I saw an excerpt of this it was the part where Murtha mentions he doesn't want his palm greased immediately but after he had done business with this guy for a while he might be interested but not this time. OK so that's not so damning.

The part I found almost conspiritorial was the part where Murtha wanted the 'investments' in his district to go to specific banks owned by people that had helped him out in the past. In other words launder my kickback through them. Do my friend a favor and he'll pay me by doing me a favor. Murtha should resign over this if he has any honor. Even though it happened over 20 years ago what is there to show he hasn't further honed the sleazy politician act to an art.
I would imagine that we will not hear too much rancor from those on either side of the aisle because for them this is probably just the way you play the game.

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