Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sins of Omission

It was early afternoon my time when I first read over at Captain's Quarters about the release of documents stating that hundreds of chemical weapons have been found in Iraq.

Late yesterday the first major news outlet reported it as well: - Report: Hundreds of WMDs Found in Iraq - U.S. Senate

As of this morning there is plenty of mention that Karzai is unhappy with the way America is conducting the fight against the Taliban in his country, plenty of headlines about 8 US troops being charged with murder in Iraq, plenty of coverage of the Democrats in the Senate debating athe timing of our surrender in Iraq... but not a word about the release of this document or the political timing involved from: ABC News, CBS News, BBC, London Times, USA Today, NYT, Washington Post.

Since the 'Bush Lied' mantra has been all the rage these past 3 years one would hope that news of the discovery of enough WMD to constitute a stockpile would be worthy of at least passing mention.

How can one state with a staight face that those news organization are either objective or right leaning by the omission of something that is clearly relevant news? Yet those organization can't understand why people are drifting away from them towards blogs and Fox News for their information.

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