Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Charge Keller With Treason

Justice is a relative thing. In determining whether something is 'just' it is always necessary to compare a primary action against a resulting secondary action or inaction to the initial cause. An example would be a terrorist planting a roadside bomb to kill innocents only having it explode prematurely and leave him crippled. The initial action of planting the bomb becomes justice served when it does to him what he intended to do to others. That's Justice.

Now ask yourself if the two following incidents display an injustice by inaction.

Several Marines have been charged with murder in Haditha. Aside from all the irritating squeals and roar of flapping moonbat wings it is beginning to emerge that this was indeed a tragedy but not necessarily done with the degree of malice first described. These Marines are most certainly keen to the exercise of a most primal right; that of self preservation and do not have weeks to deliberate an action in defense of that right. Just a fews seconds to analyze a threat and respond. Sometimes they have no option but to take the primal course and kill or be killed. It is wired into the most elemental parts of our brains. Fight or Flight.

When this decision goes terribly wrong then a society of laws feels compelled to serve Justice by charging those Marines with murder. Because if they did this in this manner then they also threaten the lives of those serving the same mission by inflaming the hatred of occupation in the populace. If they in fact did maliciously kill innocents then the charge is Just.

Now comes the New York Times' Bill Keller claiming from his loafty heights that acting in his capacity as arbiter of the public interest and for our own common good it is quite alright to reveal national security secrets. In the article the Times even says it is a secret program... well not anymore.

This decision endangers far more people than the actions of those Marines. It endangers all of us by giving aid and comfort to our enemiesthrough the obsesive effort to undermine the head of the American military . Now given that the liberal press thinks George Bush is the enemy and are at war with the President, the rest of us still hang on to a tinge of sanity. When the towers were attacked I don't recall those around me saying "Bush did it". Most suspected Bin Laden.

Clearly the action of Bill Keller revealing national secrets is treasonous. What does Justice require. While 8 Marines may face death for a life or death decision what does Keller face for a deliberative decision to imperil the entire nation ?

Maybe John Edwards was right... there are two Americas; one for the powerful, wealthy and influencial and their set of rules and the other being "we the people" and their set of rules. Inaction against Keller would be an injustice.

Serve Justice.... charge Keller with treason.... there are plenty of witnesses.

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