Thursday, March 16, 2006

Lainey Photo Website

Lainey's Photo Website

"The brigade's mission in Iraq was very successful and troops overseas continue to take strides in making this country a better place for people to live. I am very proud to have served my country in such an honorable way. The media often portrays Iraq as being so horrible and that couldn't be farther from the truth. Even the little things we did everyday made such a big difference. Soldiers are not robots, they are people too. They have feelings and emotions. They, too, are entitled to a little bit of fun every now and then. This website was started to show you how soliders made the best of their time through the deployment process. If you came to this site for some negativity, you stopped by the wrong place." - Lainey Poche

And she aint't kiddin.

Found this at one of the major blogs but I got engrossed in the music and photos on this site and do not recall how I got there. It's worth the time to go through the entire site. Excellent photos, subject matter and well... just very well done.

As I enjoyed the pics I kept hearing all these emotive appeals from the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Michael Moore about 'sending our boys and girls to war' or 'sending our children to war.' Look at the photos. These are the Women and Men of the United States Armed Forces and it makes me proud to belong to a society that produces such people.

Thanks You Lainey very much... and yes I want to use one of your photos... a favorite is hard to choose but I'm going with this example of American citizenship: