Saturday, January 21, 2006

John Kerry - Lord of the Flies

Saw this at LGF today:LGF: Flipper Posts at Kos

Kos is hot right now and becoming influential in leftist politics. Hot like a fresh cowpie on a hot Summer day which naturally provides an aromatic invitation to flies everywhere which brings me to John Kerry posting at Kos.

I forced myself to 1.) click on the link and 2.) read his post.

Though I'd like to address many of the statements he makes I will just leave it at these overall impressions.

Senator Kerry:

When I read your post I kept hearing Carly Simon's 'You're So Vain' in the ambient jukebox in my head but the words were changed to: "you're so vain... you probably think the campaign was about YOU. Don't you ? Don't you?"

Senator, you were but a second choice out of some really bad choices, exception being Senator Lieberman, for the nomination of your party.

And now, even though there is an opening for the leadership of your party, you aren't the person to fill it.

Update: Another fly circles the steaming heap...

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