Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Defending Our Border

The Problem:
The Solution.


Van Helsing said...

A minefield would help too.

IOpian said...

Around the desert water-stations perhaps?

Static Brain said...

Are you advocating killing people? What about innocent children possibly crossing that border? A babe in it's mother's arms?

IOpian said...

I am advocating that people adhere to certain fundamental priciples historically recognized among human societies.

Priciple 1. The inherent right of an animal, a person or a society to self-defense of body, progeny and dwelling.

I have a right to decide who can come into my home. So do you. If anyone should choose to illegally violate that right then I am free and obligated to provide an appropriate defense. I and I alone have the right to decide the method of defense.

Same thing with a nation. The preample to the US Constitution states as the very first reason to establish a government is to 'Provide for the common defense'. They weren't talking about defending Philadelphia, they were talking about our territory as defined by our borders. A border is the definitive element of the concept of 'a nation'. We and we alone can choose how to defend our borders and who can come in.

Principle 2. If parents exercise the right of choice to mate and have a child then they are responsible for the welfare of the child until it can become responsible for itself.

If a Mexican mother makes a bad choice, has a child she can't afford and needs to emigrate to feed that child but finds the wait in line too long at the official border crossing and chooses to set out on a venture across a desert where death is assured with baby in-tow and consequently the fragile baby does not survive the trip... it's her responsibilty.
Another 'Bad Choice'.

As with most liberal reasoning this watering hole idea has unintended consequences in that it only encourages these people to endanger themselves.

Unfortunately there are many humans that will not listen to reason so the only solution is to use pain-avoidance to discourage certain behaviors. Making the trip so dangerous that nobody will try it.

So by extracting your reasoning from the way you framed your question; if a mother had her baby with her and decided to cross a busy street and she is hit by a car killing the baby... is it the traffic's fault ? Was any one driver advocating killing her ?

A nice tall wall with armed guards, video monitoring, maybe some motion monitors is a better solution.