Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Rush To War ?

The Arab League scuttled a chance to avoid war?

Iraq: Arab League scuttled secret exile offer for Saddam: U.A.E. officials

I hold the belief that the central tenet of the invasion of Iraq was not WDM but to remove the Hussein family from power. Mission accomplished. All other considerations were of less pressing importance. Whatever it takes to be rid of Saddam and his regime. To quote Orwell, "War is evil, but often it is the lesser evil."

If this is true about the Arab League fumbling the chance to avert war then it indicates to me that by Washington's willingness to let Hussein go into exile then this wasn't a pre-determined war cooked up in Texas by a cabal of neo-con boogie men wanting to enrich Halliburton and line their own pockets with all that stolen oil. It could be what it was billed as; an end to Hussein's rule over Iraq and his threat to the region by any means necessary.

By the way, that was official US policy established by the Clinton administration.

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