Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Taking Too Big Of A Bite.

McConnell says it will be too difficult to undo this monstrosity.  That is a good point. I am afraid that if the Republicans try this approach then it will fail. The problem is rolling the good in with the bad. It would be prudent to focus on the most egregious and unpopular parts of it.

Aim at the mandate first and those things associated with it like the IRS collection apparatus.  This can be done and would have popular support. Aim next at these state exchanges.  That's the mechanism that allows federal control of the market and offerings. They actually limit choices and are put in place as a platform for insertion of a single-payer structure after the eventual collapse of the private market due to having to pick up the tab for everybody's healthcare.

Leave and improve those thing the people like about the few good ideas the legislation modified. Ultimately there would be something resembling a system this kind of structuring should have looked like to begin with but without satiating the government's busy bodies' lust for control.

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