Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mookie: The Herpes of Iraq.

On February 20, 2008 I made this entry into my blog:
CNN: Iraqi militia to hear Saturday whether to resume fighting

The closer we get to a withdrawal the more we will hear from Mookie and his Mahdi crew. Like the little strutting dog chasing a truck down the road he wants to appear as having driven the occupiers from Iraq.

Looks like Iran wants this stooge to make his move. Should he unleash his Mahdi warriors for their next round of getting their asses handed to them I think the Iraqis should pull a Schroedinger's Cat on him during the tumult. He simply disappears. Whether he is alive or dead could not be determined. The Shia wouldn't know whether to rampage or wait for him to crawl out of hiding where he avoids the fate he has placed on others. Not quite the stuff martyrs are made of you know.

I believe I called this one. Then again who didn't see this coming?

Gateway Pundit: Al Sadr’s Mahdi Army Vows to Launch Suicide Attacks Against US Troops

My suggestion then remains the same today as it was then, he needs a Jimmy Hoffa disappearing act executed on him. Snatch him and bury him out in the desert somewhere.

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