Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Air Force One Converstaion

Dennis Kucinich and Obama had a conversation on Air Force One and Kucinich will now vote Yes. Of course Kucinich was against it because it did no go far enough in establishing a Government option.

I imagine the gist of it was something like this:

Obama: Uh, uh, umm,look Dennis we have a... COMMON GOAL. We, we can agree on THAT. The problem is an, umm, a, a difference in how TO GET THERE. But consider this,just consider this; it has been a long march of destiny that got me elected as the first African president, uh, I mean African, AMERICAN president. I, excuse me 'WE' have now arrived at the precise, uh, moment, with the ah, ah Congress on our side when I, uh, WE, must act IMEDIATELY. This moment is fleeting and it may be decades before the next opportunity comes AGAIN.

Now think about ..THIS. If this passes without a government option then at least we can get our foot..ah.. IN THE DOOR. Once the health insurance exchange is established I'll, WE, will have the Insurance Industry by the short hairs.. whoops please uh.. don't take offense at my use of SHORT.

Once I have the Insurance Industry submissive I will, I will, drain them DRY. Eventually the industry will just fade away causing our allies in labor, local government to call for a government BAIL OUT. Then like an amoeba we will simply surround them and ah, digest them into our GRASP.

So if you can just trust me and look, look at the ah.. BIGGER PICTURE then all health care we be mine, err I mean OURS.

Kucinich: That makes sense. Let me take this back to my constituents like my wife and her friends, soak on it a bit. I just ask one thing your glori..., Mr. President.

Obama: What's that Dav, ah ah Dennis?

Kucinich: Can I please place my lips on the actual skin of your ass?

Obama: Again? OK but I need ah, ah one more ah THING. Could you move a little to your left so I can see my mirror?


nanc said...

I believe it may have been Moonbattery where a commenter said he was probably promised Area 51! BWAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA!

IOpian said...

He probably has family stored out there.