Thursday, November 08, 2007

Keeping a Stiif Upper Lip

The BBC finds a grey cloud in every silver-lining.

Hard as they've tried Iraq is stabilizing, their boys the 'freedom fighters' have had their asses handed to them, the use of military force can resolve problems and what they saw as Bush's and Blair's stubborness to stay the course may have been resoluteness and leadership; an attribute alien to the Left.

The BBC and the rest of the Left's media have been wrong from the beginning to the end. Why should we heed their opinions in the future ?


nanc said...

my upper lip is so stiff that even botox is afraid of it!

IOpian said...

This work is really interfering with my blogging !! Hey nanc. Yep when the downturn in violence is trending for the good.. broaden the timeframe to make it not look so good.

Phelonius said...

Well, the brits do have some things working for them. One of the reasons that they have had good success where they have been in Iraq is that they have always have the mentality that if you take a piece of ground you should "occupy" it. They take that in the most literal sense. The US tends to want to play politics.

The Brits do not, as we very well learned a long time ago. There are strengths to this understanding.