Sunday, June 03, 2007

"The Skipper" is gone.

One of the first blogs I came across when I started checking this blog thing out was Barking-Moonbat Early Warning System. Saw it in a blogroll and thought it looked interesting. At the time the two bloggers I enjoyed were 'The Skipper" and Vilmar. Eventually they parted ways but I had developed a morning ritual by then... I would get up fire up the coffee, feed the cats. Then I would go into my office and awaken it. Once the coffee was done and the cats let out for the day I would settle in and read BMEWS first thing before I would head over to Drudge to see what was lined up for today's human follies.

I went through that routine this morning and being a weekend I could drop several of those steps and get right to BMEWS. Well this morning there was no simple pleasure to start the day... but shock. "The Skipper" Allan Kelly had passed away. He was only 58 by my reckoning. He will be missed by me because he had a gentle and diverse style that is unmatched in the blogs I've found.

Words fail us but I hope he imagined that there were anonoymous readers out there whose day began by enjoying his thoughts, observations, inspirational posters and the occasional stunning link to space photos.

He will be missed.

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