Monday, April 30, 2007

Surrender Bill

President Bush is going to veto the supplemental funding bill. I've lived for some time and this is without a doubt the most incompetent, reprehensible an sleaziest Congress I have ever seen. It is sort of embarrassing watching them perform because I suppose they take the electorate to be complete idiots. Unfortunately those that buy what they're selling are.

It is apparent that the only concern they have is to get this Iraq 'thing' over before the election because their party is no longer able to shake the perception that Democrats are weak on defense. This bill they've proposed proves it beyond a doubt. The facts are in , the case is settled.

What I find mind-boggling is that Congress can authorize an action, our military defeats an enemy of superior numbers and known for its brutality in a matter of weeks, drive an armored force to the enemies capital, capture the tyrant, kill his kids and grandson, put him on trial to be executed along with is minions, sit in any of his palaces we want to, install a democratic government for the first time in regional Arab history, hold multiple elections, kick the ass of ever terrorist that challenges us, drives Mookie into hiding, continuously killing AQ leadership, turns the sheiks of Anbar against AQ and at this precise time in the effort Congress can then say this war is lost. It is beyond words... it is Orwellian... victory is defeat. Even more disturbing is the idea that if we leave there won't be a massacre and refugee crisis.

These people in Congress are the very ones that continually remind us that many mistakes have been made concerning Iraq. Retreat from Iraq will top them all in historical terms.

The troops are fighting for us and I think it is time the President starts fighting for them against these domestic Quislings putting party before national well-being and radicalized by the quest for a former glory lost since 1994.

Here's how the President can fight back:

Go to a military base for the veto signing. Explain in front of the troops how much the total appropriation bill is. Then start going through the pork, item by item and preface each item with something like: "Representative X from the state of Wisconsin supports you by taking XYZ dollars of this total (that could have been appropriated for military families ) for a major campaign contributor of his ,the dairy industry, Senator Y has attached a rider for ABC dollars ( that could have been used for medical expenses for our wounded ) for educational develop needs of illegal immigrants in his state... In particular he should aim this towards his vilest critics, especially Pelosi, Reid, Murtha and the rest of that mental ward.

This President owes this Congress no consideration of decorum.

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