Friday, December 15, 2006

C.A.I.R - Litigious Intolerant Thugs

Wanna see what the future portends as Islamofascism takes hold ? Go Here. To find out what happened Go Here. Included is contact information if you want to stand up to these thugs.

This is Bullshit. This isn't what the American tradition of an open society was meant to be. The actions of C.A.I.R ( a propaganda front for worldwide Islamofascism ) has certainly gained my appreciation and respect for muslims by denying Vilmar his right, as an American that served his country, to speak his mind freely... a right he exercises daily.

By shutting down the Right Wing Howler they have also denied the rights of his daily readers to access other's opinions. I would conjecture that the right to speak implies the right to hear and the right of press implies the right to read the opinions of others. Isn't that what C.A.I.R's existence is for ? To advocate a tolerance of an opinion ?

( hummm I wonder if Vilmar's readers could file a class action suit against C.A.I.R. for denying our rights ? )

I anxiously wait until they come and take my right to speak away because I agree 99.9% with most of what Vilmar writes, especially about followers of the Cult of the Moon God. I've read the Koran... Allah cannot be the same god as the god of Abraham. Jesus' words, a prophet in Islam, refute the teachings of the Koran and predicts the rise of false prophets. Jesus and his parables indicate that he was the last prophet God would send.

Mohammed didn't have an understanding of Protestant Christianity in we do not deify Mary. But Mohammed made sure that no one could even question his lies by admonishing his followers to kill anyone that does so. ( or in Vilmar's case.... sue their mouth shut ) Ever wonder why the self-professed messenger of Allah feared the challenge ?

The ironic thing is that the islamist are doing exactly what Vilmar was lampooning... killing their own children. They strap bombs to them. In the good old days they got a check from Uncle Saddam for doing so. They use them as shields against the 'evil Zionst occupier' knowing the Israeli's ( being civilized ) are repulsed at the deliberate killing of children. We read about it every day. C.A.I.R. simply cannot polish the turd that is modern islamic culture ( or lack thereof ).

The route they should take is that of the civilized peaceful religions... live among us quietly, pray to whatever deity you wish but just stay out of our faces with it if you want us to respect and tolerate you.

The measure of intolerance C.A.I.R gives ought to be the measure of intolerance they get.

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